Recent Publications

  • Dunne, E. M., Burrell, L. E., Diggins, A. D., Whitehead, N. E. and Latimer, W. W. (2015), Increased risk for substance use and health-related problems among homeless veterans. American Journal on Addictions, 24, 676–680.
  • Trenz, R. C., Dunne, E. M., Zur, J., & Latimer, W. W. (2015). An investigation of school-related variables as risk and protective factors associated with problematic substance use among vulnerable urban adolescents. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 10(2), 131-140.
  • Hearn, L. E., Whitehead, N. E., Khan, M. R., & Latimer, W. W. (2014). Time Since Release from Incarceration and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Women: The Potential Protective Role of Committed Partners During Re-entry. AIDS and Behavior, 1-8.
  • Keen, L., Khan, M., Clifford, L., Harrell, P. T., & Latimer, W. W. (2014). Injection and non-injection drug use and infectious disease in Baltimore City: Differences by race. Addictive behaviors, 39(9), 1325-1328.26
  • Harrell P.T., Trenz R., Scherer M., Martins S., Latimer W. (2013). A latent class approach to treatment readiness corresponds to a transtheoretical (“Stages of Change”) model. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Whitaker, D., Graham, C.M., Severtson, S.G., Furr-Holden, C.D. & Latimer, W.W. (2012). Neighborhood & Family Effects on Learning Motivation among Urban African American Middle School Youth. Journal of Child and Family Studies. 21(1):131-138.
  • Trenz, R. C., Harrell, P., Scherer, M., Mancha, B., & Latimer, W. (2012). A model of school problems, academic failure, alcohol initiation, and the relationship to adult heroin injection. Substance Use and Misuse. 47(10): 1159-1171.
  • Mancha, B.E., Rojas, V.C., & Latimer, W.W. (2012). Alcohol use, alcohol problems, and problem behavior engagement among students at two schools in northern Mexico. Alcohol. 46(7): 695-701.
  • Hedden, S.L., Hulbert, A., Cavanaugh, C.E., Parry, C., Moleko, A.G., Latimer, W.W. (2011). Alcohol, drug and sexual risk behavior correlates of recent transactional sex among female black South African drug users. Journal of Substance Use. 16(1), 57-67.
  • Severtson, S. G., Mitchell, M. M., Hulbert, A., Latimer, W. (2010). The relationship between performance on the Shipley Institute of Living Scale (SILS) and hepatitis C infection among active injection drug users in Baltimore, Maryland. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 36(1), 61-65.
  • Floyd, L. J., Alexandre, P. K., Hedden, S. L., Lawson, A. L., Giles, N., & Latimer, W. (2010). Adolescent drug dealing and race/ethnicity: A population based study of the differential impact of substance use on involvement in drug trade. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 36(2), 87-91.23
  • Hedden, S., Whitaker, D., Floyd, L., & Latimer, W. (2009, April). Gender differences in the prevalence and behavioral risk factors of HIV in South African drug users. AIDS and Behavior, 13(2), 288-296.
  • Severtson, S., & Latimer, W. (2008, April). Factors related to correctional facility incarceration among active injection drug users in Baltimore, MD. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 94(1), 73-81.

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