Dr. Burt’s “The New Diabetes Cookbook” Garners Rave Reviews in Today’s Dietitian Magazine

Back in 2015, Dr. Kate Gardner Burt was not only working towards getting her PhD, which she has since earned – she was also writing a book. I know, it made me feel like a slacker too. This book, entitled The New Diabetes Cookbook: 100 Mouthwatering, Seasonal, Whole-Food Recipes has been out for two years, during which time Dr. Burt has started as an Assistant Professor at Lehman College. In November of 2017, the magazine Today’s Dietitian featured a glowing review of the cookbook, reviewed by Janice H. Dada, an MPH, RD, CDE based out of Newport Beach, CA.


The review opens, “Finally, a diabetes cookbook that doesn’t promote the use of artificial sweeteners or ingredients made in a laboratory!” Janice Dada goes onto explain that often times, materials geared towards audiences who have diabetes encourage the consumption of processed foods that are modified to be sugar-free. However, Janice agrees with Dr. Burt, who posits that whole foods are more nourishing and desserts with real sugar can be consumed in moderation, especially when you combine that sugar with a diet full of protein, fat and fiber to, “aid slowing down the glucose rise.” The New Diabetes Cookbook is broken up into sections designated for appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Featured recipes include a variety of items from Farmhouse Salad to French Toast Quiche.

In addition to being an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Lehman, Dr. Burt is also on the faculty for the CUNY Institute for Health Equity. Dr. Burt’s passion is, “improving the food environment through locally sourced food, sustainable agriculture and social justice.” Just recently, Dr. Burt published an article about school gardens in urban environments.

Read the review in Today’s Dietitian here.

Find digital editions of Today’s Dietitian here.

Check out Janice Dada’s website here.

Read about Dr. Burt’s school gardens publication here.

Check out a Public Health Minute about diabetes here and here.

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