Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Katherine Gregory

Today’s faculty spotlight features Dr. Katherine Gregory! Dr. Gregory is an Assistant Professor of Health Services Administration in the Department of Health & Human Services at New York City College of Technology and a faculty member in the CUNY Institute for Health Equity. Dr. Gregory earned her Ph.D. in Sociology at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University with a Certificate in Women’s Studies. Throughout her career, Dr. Gregory’s research interests have included health disparities, identity and biomedical technologies. Notably, Dr. Gregory highlights that her approach is as a qualitative methodologist and mixed methods practitioner.


Dr. Gregory’s current research interests surround genetics, health markers and identity formation. Have you heard of ‘recreational genetics’ companies such as 23 & Me or AncestryDNA? Dr. Gregory is considering what the effect will be of finding out these pieces of genetic information. In this same vein, in October of this year, Dr. Gregory presented a paper titled, ‘Bio-technology and reconstructing the self through genetic health markers,’ at the Qualitative Health Research Conference, sponsored by the University of Alberta, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology. While at the Qualitative Health Research Conference, Dr. Gregory was also asked to chair a session.

We cannot wait to learn more about this fascinating and topical area of research as Dr. Gregory continues her work!

Listen to a Public Health Minute segment about genetics here.

Check out the CUNY Institute for Health Equity Facebook page here.

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