Justine McGovern: Published in Urban Social Work

The latest issue of Urban Social Work featured an article by Dr. Justine McGovern, Dr. Daniel Gardner, Dwayne Brown and Vita Gasparro. The work, entitled Long-Term Care Planning and the Changing Landscape of LGBT Aging: Student Research With Diverse Elders in the Bronx examines “end-of-life planning among members of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) senior center in the Bronx, NY.” The study found that, “despite health disparities such as increased rates of depression and isolation and shortened life expectancy as compared to non-LGBT-identified peers, older members of LGBT communities demonstrate resilience as they face their own aging and mortality without traditional family caregivers.” In addition to yielding new knowledge, the article demonstrates how faculty-student research collaborations provide team members opportunities to develop research skills and get published.

Dr. McGovern is passionate about research through the lens of a life-course perspective. She has done work on diverse experiences of aging, living with dementia, and increasing inclusivity by reducing bias in scholarship. Current funded projects include a study on perceptions about the future among LGBTQ participants, and an interdisciplinary exploration of ageism among intergenerational participants. Dr. McGovern uses a variety of qualitative research approaches, including phenomenology, photo voice and focus groups to give voice to members of under-represented groups. Dr. McGovern is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work as well as a faculty member in the CUNY Institute for Health Equity.

Find Urban Social Work here.

Learn more about the CUNY Institute for Health Equity here.

Learn more about Lehman College’s Department of Social Work here.

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