Urban Social Work Volume 1, Number 2

Urban Social Work

Urban Social Work, edited by Lehman’s own Carl Mazza and Brenda Williams-Gray, has come out with its second installment. The editors, including Mazza and Williams-Gray as well as Halaevalu F. Ofahengaue Vakalahi and Dana Burdnell Wilson from Morgan State University, opened the issue with a powerful statement:

“We are immersed in challenging times where ‘fake news’ is a real social construct; executive branch power and privilege do not appear to be matched with critical thinking, clarity of purpose, or morale fortitude. We are committed to the ideal that speaking truth to power advances the greater good and trust that the knowledge presented in this issue can inform your practice, service delivery, and policy development as professionals in urban environments.”

This installment is chock-full of inspiring material. Articles range from research surrounding the urban deaf to examinations of fathering amidst involvement with the criminal justice system.

Access Urban Social Work here.

Learn more about Lehman and CUNY Institute of Health Equity faculty member Justine McGovern’s work, which was published in this installment of Urban Social Work, here.

Read Lehman’s initial press release, announcing Urban Social Work, here.

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