Dean Latimer Gives Remarks at the U.N.

On Thursday November 2nd, Dean Latimer was a featured speaker at an event sponsored by the International Health Awareness Network (IHAN). According to the event organizers, IHAN was bringing together migration and health experts, from researchers to students to policymakers, in hopes of addressing the “recent challenges created by increased human mobility, particularly forced migration [and refugees].”

IHAN was able to use their status as an NGO that is a part of the Economic and Social Council as well as the Department of Public Information at the United Nations to bring together a unique group of stakeholders. Some of the objectives of the event were to, “identify immediate priorities that need to be addressed, identify existing/establish new networks and partnerships that could effectively address these priorities, and summarize main policy issues that, as a UN-affiliated NGO, they can advocate for and propose to national and international decision-makers.”

Alexandria Garcia, a reporter from BronxNet television, spoke with Dean Latimer at the event. Commenting on the importance of the event, Dean Latimer said, “From a policy standpoint, I think its fantastic that [Dr. Roshan] and her colleagues are putting an important focus on refugees and public policy regarding refugees in the United States and certainly the health of refugees and what refugees do in this great country to make it a better place, to make it a diverse place.”

Dean Latimer’s remarks were based on the premise that refugees enrich our community but, as with all citizens, poor health outcomes can lead to poor outcomes in other areas of life. Refugees and forced migrants may face unique challenges when trying to access quality health care, including transportation barriers, language barriers, lack of health insurance, lack of understanding of American health care infrastructure and/or unsupportive health care providers.

For more information on IHAN, look here.

For more content from BronxNet TV, look here.

For more reporting from Alexandria Garcia, look here.


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